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Paul Smith2
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Recently I went to use planning tools that worked in the past but which I have not exercised for a long time. In particular, In the Planning tab under the subtab “Lifetime Planner” I clicked on the Event Status/Your retirement plan. I was redirected to a page that informed me that

  • http://qw.exe

is not available! Digging deeper, I learned that qw.exe goes back to when quicken was owned by Intuit and is a file that directs such inquiry.

Can someone help me here? I am on Quicken version R47.15 (Premier) subscription — W10 laptop.



  • mshiggins
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    From the now archived post on this Lifetime Planner issue:

    If you still experience this issue after installing version R39.17 or later, then you will need to close Quicken, remove the “Cache” folder from “C:\programData\Quicken”, then reopen Quicken.

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