I am asked to enter an app specific password when setting up new account

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I'm trying to set up another account for an investment account already in my file. It asks for my login name for the investment company, and then enter an app specific password for it. I entered the password I use to login to that website; incorrect password I'm told. What is the app specific password, and where do I get it?


  • Jon
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    You might need to get that from the investment company, it sounds like they could be assigning a unique password for each app that is authorized to access the account. I've run into that sort of thing once or twice, but never with Quicken.

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  • gb2094
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    Thank you for your help! I did manage to resolve the issue.
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  • gb2094
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    Instead of trying to add the acct within quicken:
    -Logged into my investment acct website
    -used the "export to quicken" link to download the new acct from the investment website
    -opened my quicken file
    -clicked to open the downloaded file
    -the quicken acct setup window opens
    -clicked the setup button
    -the acct was added to my quicken brokerage acct list.
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