FDP-102 and FDP-108 errors with Ally Bank

After a long time being able to successfullyconnect my Quicken account to Ally Bank, a few weeks ago an FDP-108 error arose that prevented a connection. As reported on the Quicken community website, the problem was reported by a large number of users, and it was acknowledged by Quicken as an issue. and a repair ticket was issued. Earlier this week, Quicken reported that the issue was resolved. Today I attempted to reconnect my Ally Bank accounts, and a new error was encountered “FDP-102 FI_TIMEOUT. Retry. Account summary not available." According to the Quicken community page, this issue was reported in November 2022, and it was subsequently resolved. As a test, I verified that the Ally website was operational. As a futher test, I attempted to create a new Ally bank account in my Quicken file, and this time I received the FDP-108 error. Please advise.


  • kb22
    kb22 Member

    Today I installed the latest Quicken program update and then repeated the steps to reconnect my Ally accounts. It worked. Whether one was related to the other is unknown, but in any event, I am considering the issues resolved.