Online Bills Just Never Seems to Work Consistently

Apart from some of the obvious benefits in an electronic checkbook as well as reporting, the most useful feature that attracted to and kept me with Quicken over the years (using for 20+ years) was the ability to be prompted for bills. But in the last couple years (seems to time to Intuit selling Quicken but I realize there are industry factors as well), the online biller feature has become completely unreliable. I could handle having to reauthenticate or grant permissions once in a while as methods change, etc. But that's not the experience in the product. I get prompted that Chase, USAA, etc has changed their connection method and I need to do XYZ. OK, np. But then I do it, it's a multi-step process, and next time I go to connect I"m prompted to repeat the process all over again. Additionally, there is simply a NEVER ENDING STREAM OF ITEMS that occupy "Needs Attention."

I've handled the stuff in there over and over again and basically it's just a rotating basket of things that collectively have become a major time suck. Fix a payer, a week later it's back in the needs attention bucket. Or "we're working to connect" and the item just sits there for weeks/months at a time. (see "ridiculous.jpg)

I've been on the phone with support, truncated my db file (bogus I need to do this IMO), rebuilt this, repaired that, removed vendors and added them back, etc. But there is NEVER A TRUE FIX.

It's to the point now where one of the major features has become unusable. I'm gradually reverting to all manual bills, which defeats a lot of the purpose. I even tried the Mac version thinking it might be a different case, but it's the same thing. My most recent examples are USAA (constantly prompts me to reauthenticate), Chase, and now Capital One have issues that cannot be fixed. This is a great one also, "there's an item that needs fixing, click Fix Connection to resolve it" and there's no Fix Connection option (see fix what.jpg).

I see a similar post / experience re: the bill pay feature, which I would never try given the ongoing issues here - if quicken can't even connect and tell me the balance, why would I ever trust it to make a payment for me?!

I'm interested if this is also the experience of others, and what your resolution has been. Not interested in a watered down version (Simplifi ?) particularly, but this is not sustainable. Any help greatly appreciated.


  • vdemola
    vdemola Member ✭✭
    Totally agree. Don't have a solution other than tracking them manually. It's amazing that services like Mint which are free seem to work. All of this for a yearly subscription fee. I have considered not renewing my subscription.
  • lindycorp
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    Thanks. What has your experience with Mint been? I assume it's a much less feature rich app? Definitely looking for any alternative.
  • lindycorp
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    Not exactly encouraging there's zero Quicken response.
  • Jim Dice
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    I am having the same issues with PNC (credit cards), Chase & Lowes (Symphony Bank). Very frustrating. With PNC credit cards try to refresh my bills and nothing happens. My home equtiy line finally showed then after latest update it was lost. No statement show as well. WIth Chase the same, just says to "Fix It". Same with Lowe's. Will probably just go to listing them manually.

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