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"Is this the next scheduled payment to...?" only works some of the time.


I am using the most current version of Quicken Premier (R48.8, Build

I have “Bill and Income Reminders" set up for all of our monthly recurring bills and income. The “Show in List” setting is 3 days for the majority of the reminders. Some of the reminders have regular, unchanging amounts (e.g., monthly insurance premiums, Netflix, etc.) and all of the others (credit cards, utility bills, etc.) show $0.00 since the amount tends to change monthly.

I actually LIKE the “Is this the next scheduled payment to…?” pop-up since if I pay a scheduled bill early, answering “Yes” to this prompt advances the scheduled reminder to the next occurance.

However, I now find that there is some type of arbitrary limit to the time period between the current date and the scheduled date where Quicken will issue the pop-up, and it has nothing to do with “Show in List” setting.

Through trial and error, it appears that the pop-up will only show for transactions recorded 8 days before the reminder date. Beyond that and the pop-up does not show and the next occurance must be manually reset. For example, if I record my monthly electric bill more than 8 days in advance of the reminder due date, the pop-up does not show.

I've been unable to find any setting that would increase the look forward period where the pop-up would show beyond what appears to be an internally coded limit of 8 days.

Any suggestions from the community, or is this something that Quicken could add in a future release?

Thanks and best regards,

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