Problem opening Quicken on Windows 10

This weekend, I had trouble opening Quicken. When I clicked on the icon, it would start to load but I never saw the opened screen.

I later discovered that my Quicken window had been minimized and could not be maximized in the usual manner. In this minimize state, I was unable to login to my Quicken web account. As a result, my Quicken program went into a state of limbo, and I couldn't use it.

The fix was: (1) right click on the Quicken task bar button; (2) when you see a small white triangle above the task bar button, right click on it: (3) You will then see several options; left click on “Maximize;" and (4) on the maximized screen, you will be able to login to your Quicken account. After you log in, you should then see the normal Quicken startup screen.

NOTE: After I restarted Windows, I did not have this problem again.

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