Tax report not splitting total amount correctly

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I purchased two hundred shares of a security for a total of 15,831.33. The register for the brokerage account I purchased them in shows that. When I sold the securities, I sold them on all on the same day, but in two lots of 100 shares each, at slightly different prices. The 1099-B from the brokerage (correctly) shows the basis for one lot as 7,915.66 and the basis for the other lot as 7,915.67. Quicken's tax report shows the basis for both lots as 7,915.67. That's incorrect.
Yes, I know it's only a penny that will go away when rounding on my taxes. However:
- I investigate every difference between my 1099-Bs and Quicken. Sometimes they're errors on my part, a couple times they've been errors on the brokerage's part, a couple times they've been errors on the company's part, and now, yay, another class of error, errors on Quicken's part. Each of these takes my time to investigate.
- Should I be trusting my finances to a program that can't do simple arithmetic, or rather, to programmers that don't seem to realize that sometimes it's necessary to subdivide a number and still have the parts add up to the number, even if the division can't be even?
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