It appears Quicken has finally lost it's ability to friendly communicate with financial institutions

leechristopher Unconfirmed, Member

Quicken seems to be falling apart on financial institution interfaces. I admit it's not easy, but the problems lately suggest security protocols are just too hard for Quicken to consistently operate within. Anyone else seeing the same. For about 20 years I've used it and I'm wondering if the its going to end soon.


  • Mark1104
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    @leechristopher - certainly there has been forces at play to increase the security of these transmissions between the Banks and Quicken….. the Financial Institutions are driving this! EWC+ is all driven my these firms. Also, as I understand it, Quicken is dependent on its aggregator (Intuit) as the intermediary between the financial institutions and Quicken.

    In some situations, I suspect the financial institution itself is having challenges. I know that is the case with Empower and the short term issue with Ally a week or so back - in neither case was there anything that Quicken or Intuit could do to solve the problem.

    the world is more complex than it was 20 years ago.

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