T Rowe upgraded my funds to “I” class - how to view fund growth

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This happened on Feb 2022, now how do I track 5 years of basic fund growth (loss) in one chart or graph. The Blue Chip TRBCX and the I class TBCIX have almost identical graph lines, just a slightly cost per share ($1-2.00) difference. I'm invested for the long haul so 15-20 year trend is valuable to me but I now have to view 2 charts or export prices and maintain via a spreadsheet. Is there a way for Quicken to show me a continuous chart?


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    First, did you properly convert the prior class holding to the newer class such that on a lot by lot count the basis of the old lot became the basis of a new lot and the number of shares similarly adjusted?

    Second, how are you now viewing a chart to show the trends?

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