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Have an ETF that split 2 for1. Entered split into Quicken...Holdings, shares and market value are correct after entering split transaction. But investment returns are not. ROI for one day is over 100%...Gain/loss % are inaccurate for 1 month, 3 month 12 month period being vastly too negative. Any suggestions to correct the investment returns?


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    Exactly how did you enter the split? It should be a StkSplt transaction.

    How are you looking at those performance figures? Portfolio views? some dashboard 'card', somewhere else?

    As I compare Gain/Loss, Return $ and ROI% for day before a split and doy of the split, I am not seeing that type of discrepancy.

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    Figured the error out...quicken downloaded split on 3/14 but occured 3/8...changed date and all is well
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