no transactions are downloading from any on my accounts

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None of my transactions are downloading. Not from PNC bank, Vanguard, UK Financial credit union (, Chase, TIAA-CREF, PayPal, Venmo, Provident, or Lowes via Syncrony bank. In essence, nothing is downloading, for any of my accounts, but it did just a few days ago. I've reset every account. I did the validate and repair file utility too. And my internet connection is solidly good.


  • Mark1104
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    suggest calling QUicken Support

  • cyberphile
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    One thing Quicken support often suggests is creating a new Quicken file and try adding one or two of the accounts. If you can download transactions, then the issue is most likely with the original data file. Have you tried "supervalidating" your Quicken file (To Super Validate your file, first hold down the CTRL+SHIFT keys, and then choose File menu > File Operations > Validate and Repair.
    Important: We recommend that you rebuild your investing lots only if you're experiencing problems with your data and not as a regular
    practice. )? Be sure to back up the Quicken file first.

  • PBowles
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    Of your suggestions, the one that had success was starting a new file and setting up new accounts/downloads. Unfortunately, I have 11,000 entries, so I can't really use that idea either. Thank you.
  • Mark1104
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    @pbwles - The point of setting up a new file is simply testing where the problem is. If you are able to download the tranactions into a new file, it means the problem is with your original file and we can eliminate any issues related to transmission, set up of the accounts, your computer, etc.

    if you can;t download into the new file, then the problem is unlikely to be your original file, and we all have to look elsewhere for the problem.