Regular security sale wanting to be a short sale

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I sold a mutual fund yesterday. Today I am recording the transaction in quicken. I've selected "Sell - Shares Sold" from the dropdown menu. I entered the security, chose Sell All shares in this account, entered the price received and a pop up comes up from Quicken saying Recording A Short Transaction. But - this is not a short sale. I have owned the mutual fund shares for several years.

I tried manually entering the number of shares sold instead of selecting All Shares In This Account but I'm still getting a prompt for Recording A Short Sale. If I hit OK it does record it as a Short. If I hit Cancel, nothing happens.

Been using Quicken since '06 and have not seen this before. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong - or is this a bug?


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    When you chose to sell All Shares, what number of shares was it trying to sell? What number of shares do you think you had?

    When you allowed it to create a short sale, what number of shares did it want to treat as a short sale?

    Do you have two securities with very similar names such that you might have picked the wrong name?

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    I was able to figure out a work around. The security had 6 digits after the whole number like this X.XXXXXX. I was able to sell all the shares except the last .000052 shares. I guess Quicken wasn't happy with all those digits. I then went back and removed the .000052 shares and dated it prior to the sale. Not ideal - but that got the job done.

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    My policy is to keep all share transactions to 3-decimal precision. That is consistent with my brokerage record-keeping. That policy can be made difficult by some splits, mergers, or acquisitions, but it seems to prevent the sort of issue that hit you.

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