Split a transfer among several accounts


I have 529 education funds set up for six grandkids in quicken. Each month the state takes the $150 from my checking account to fund the six accounts. Each month I have to tranfer $25 dollars from checking into each individual account. Is there a way in Quicken to set up a reminder so that $150 comes out of checking and is split so that $25 dollar goes into each of the kid's account?


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    Are you tracking each grandkid's 529 account in Quicken?
    If so, you can set up a Scheduled Reminder as a Split Transaction in Quicken in your Checking account register. Each Split Detail line points to one of these accounts by name. Begin typing each name in the Category field by surrounding it with [square brackets], e.g., [Tom's 529 account], [Jane's 529 account] with $25 each.

    Once set up, record this reminder into your checking account a day or two before the automatic debit from the State comes in. This will give you a single properly categorized transaction every month.

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