Solution for Quicken Mobile and Web Sync Issues

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I added an account to Quicken but the Mobile app didn't sync properly (warning indication) and before I knew it, the budget on my desktop had reverted back to something I didn't even recognize. After a couple of nights of troubleshooting, the following finally worked for me. Please make backups of the QDFs as you go.

1. The Quicken QDF file that you are working with MUST be on your local drive (even a local directory that syncs to a drive other than a local drive will not work)
2. From the Mobile and Web tab (last tab in Quicken) Select “None” files to sync from the Accounts section
3. Delete all “Cloud accounts associated with this Quicken ID” except for current from the Troubleshooting section (Quicken won’t let you delete the current cloud file)
4. Edit “Cloud account name” to any other filename from the current filename from the Accounts Section
5. Now “Reset your cloud data” from the Troubleshooting section
6. You will probably need to deactivate/re-add Wells Fargo Direct Connect accounts and also reset American Express, American Express Savings, and Marcus by Goldman Sachs accounts for the Mobile to sync properly (without warning indications)
7. If you do the 1-5 correctly, then you should now be able to remove and add accounts to sync that are not matching with the desktop amounts/details for any accounts
8. The biggest issue was NOT LOSING the budget. If you do 1-5 correctly, your budget should remain intact.
9. Once the desktop file and the Mobile/Web file are performing well, the QDF file can now be moved back to a directory that syncs to a drive other than a local drive
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