Is anyone at Quicken addressing the USAA download issues following the latest update?

The discussion thread "Problems with USAA Reauthorization" has been running for over two weeks with no response from Quicken. Will there be a response or will Quicken just leave its subscribers in the lurch?

I've encountered problems with Quicken connecting with USAA after each of the last three, possibly four software updates. Nothing but frustration and dissatisfaction with Quicken and Quicken support.


  • Jon
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    You're not going to hear anything until it's solved, other than weekly "we haven't fixed it yet" messages.

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  • BAKanyon74
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    That's great to know Jon. Except its been 17 days and there haven't been any "we haven't fixed it yet" updates. As far as Quicken subscribers know nothing is being done and we've been fobbed off.

    I look forward to the next "we haven't fixed it yet" update.

  • mshiggins
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    Have a look at the posts in the Alerts category. Are any of the USAA ones relevant for your issue?

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  • BAKanyon74
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    About 50 of the comments are relevant and unfortunately shows the breadth of the problem and lack of resolution on Quickens part. As far as I can tell, none of the issues since 1 Mar have been resolved.