Unable to create new expense subcategories

Viking64 Member ✭✭
Since an update some time in the Fall of 2022 I have not been able to create new expense subcategories. I have tried from the category insertion field in registers and from the category list pop-up. When I select among "Income," "Expense," and "Subcategory of" and use the drop down arrow in the selection box for the parent category, I am presented only with Income primary categories. I have been using Quicken for over 20 years and have created multiple subcategories in both income and expense domains without difficulty until this.
This is on top of the problem that I am unable to change Tags and many Categories when in Register Reports. I have worked on this problem with Tech Support to no avail and they experienced the same behavior with their test version of Quicken and their test data file. This is a fundamental bug in the system that has not been fixed despite several updates since its apparent appearance some time in the Fall of 2022.
Quicken needs to get their act together to resolve these issues.
Anyone out there experiencing this and finding any resolutions?


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