Can't log back in after changing Quicken ID


I changed my ID due to a new email address and now when starting Quicken it prompts me to log in but the old ID is in the box and can't be changed. I read an article here about how to handle this by dismissing the prompt then going to Edit→Preferences and selecting Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts. When I do this that same login box pops up and can't be dismissed. I have to bring up Task Manager and forcibly end Quicken! I can still use the program by dismissing the initial prompt box but would really like to fix this. By the way, the other alternatives in that article don't work — I don't see the option to sign in as a different user, etc. I'm on the latest subscription version for Windows.


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  • Kim101
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    I'm having same issue, has anyone found out what the problem is?

  • rochrunner
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    I just fixed it by the ridiculous technique of clicking on the "Forgot password" link in the dialog. I then got a box where I could enter the new email address (already changed on the web site) and for the password I entered the same one that I'd been using. It took it and I was then able to log in on the Quicken app with the new ID and p/w.

    Seems like a real kludge but it worked!

  • SappyOphile
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    Your kludge did the trick for me as well, @rochrunner. Thanks.

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