Fixing Account Sync issues via the Quicken Web App, for Quicken Windows. Download not required

I just wanted to share this trick I discovered, when the Support said I needed the Desktop version to manage my accounts.

I travel a lot and only bring my work laptop with me. I am not able to download the Quicken for Windows application on my work laptop, so I use the WebApp when traveling.

My accounts needed to be re-linked, due to the account number changing, but I am on the road and only have my work PC. I hoped something could be done, but the gentleman from support said I need the desktop. This led me to playing around and solving my problem.

It turns out you can act like you are adding account on the WebApp. From the WebApp Dashboard, simply add "/getting-started-webfirst?page=addAccounts" to the URL. This kicks off the wizard that is used to add an account. When you add the similar institution, in my case my bank, and login, the wizard prompted me to re-link the changed account. This resolved my sync issue for the account that had the account number changed and I have all my account information synchronizing now.

I am not sure if this will work for others or on other versions of the application, but it worked for me. Now I do not have to wait to access the downloaded application when I get back home.

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