Rentals needs more in depth instruction, where can I find that?

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I have used the business version of Quicken for years. I'm trying to now set up some rentals, and cannot find any clear information how to set up my Rentals for download from my bank. Is it possible to do downloads into Rentals accounts? Thanks!

If there is a place that has a lot of info on using the Rentals options, I would love to know this. Thank you!


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    WELL, I finally found the RENTALS info you provide. Let's just say that Quicken, since you are still providing information on using FLOPPY DISKS, I can tell I won't be using Quicken all that much longer.
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    Hi DebbieJK, I might be lookign for the same stuff as you - can you share what you've found and where you've found it? I'm hoping for a quick tutorial of how to use the rental functionality, otherwise I feel that the upgrade was a waste of money.

  • DebbieJK
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    Hi Michelle, there are NO tutorials. Sadly I wasted several hours trying to find tutorials, and information on using the RENTALS features. I found that they have not done a good job with the rentals component, and several reviews I read agreed. I am extremely disappointed with Quicken due to this. I also found, and other folks commented, that the RENTAL components do not fit well with the rest of the business options. They should just separate the rental business components in my opinion, which I think it used to be, but instead it seems to me when they joined it into the business components, and it's very clunky. The options to just use the business features for other kinds of business are mostly okay. There are things they should obviously fix, many comment, and for me also, it syncs to the cloud (shows quick message saying it is) and I never wanted or approved for that. Don't even get me started about the work-around to the broken feature, where you could move data transactions between different files...I had quite a few to move, and it was a nightmare.
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