Manually adjust mutual fund values without changing shares - Old 401k to a new 401k

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My previous employer GE recently moved my old 401k into a new account. The company froze all accounts for a period of time and then moved them into a new 401k with a new account number.

The issue is that they manually adjusted all of the total values by simply adding in a transaction for a total gain/loss for each security/mutual fund. Then they transfered each account to the new 401k. So the issue is that I need to somehow account for the total value per account. The only way I can figure out how to do this is to manually adjust the prices until I get the total value I need. Is this the right way to do this or is there an easier way?


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    What type of transactions appear in Quicken to adjust the securities' values? And does Quicken get share prices downloaded for your securities?

    Assuming Quicken knows the current share prices, you can probably just delete whatever transactions were added to "adjust" your values.

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    This would probably work. Now that I think about it, they were most likely just updating the values for their own records. All the mutual funds and securities are exactly the same in both accounts. So if the number of shares is the same, the totals will be correct in the new 401k which is really all I care about.

    As a final check, I will make sure the number of shares for each account is exactly the same as what they have on the date they moved over the accounts.

    Thank you.

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