Any issues with update R48.15 ?

Candy Man
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Still a little gun shy when Quicken has an update, so when I updated the most recent one, I also went and checked some of my accounts which earlier had update problems. All looked Great! But then when I wrote a check from my bank account and printed it, the new check transaction appeared as a Cleared one in my register! Back to the drawing boards guys!



  • Rocker357
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    When I do a quick update I'm Getting a gear icon and says process data but no updates went and reset all accounts and some downloaded data after reseting account. will see after a few days if any other accounts download like it use too. This was a pain to reset 20 accounts one by one. Not a good update!

  • Sharon Adams
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    Update 48.9 to Quicken Deluxe absolutely [mess]ed up my Quicken. After update had to use a backup file to restore because Quicken said my working file was corrupted. Then had to re-update synced data online. Got past all that and now today update to my accounts took nearly a half hour. I am so disappointed with Quicken. [Removed - Rant]

  • D.S.F.
    D.S.F. Member

    Yes. Updated to 48.15 the cleanest way I could think of - uninstalled the app via settings, deleted the the quicken program folder containing the binaries, installed quicken from my subscription account, updated with the "mondo" update, and now my behavior matches this report about a slightly earlier version:

    "We have received reports of customers getting a blank screen when they
    launch Quicken after updating to R48.9. Some have reported that after
    waiting up to 5 minutes the sign-in page appears but they are not able
    to sign in."

    If I control key launch - so no data file loaded - I get a limited menu: only file and help, and file only has open file, new file, find file, and validate/repair file. If I open a file, the same blank screen/dead quicken. Task manager shows no activity from any of the threads - just dead.

    I'm on a fully updated Windows 10.

    Does Quicken write logs anywhere that would give one a place to begin a debug sequence?

  • Chillbill
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    I have a new Windows 11 computer and every time I try to open Quicken 48.15, it immediately crashes with the "Quicken unexpectedly quit the last time it was run" error. I called support. This is a known problem, and the only workaround is to hold down the shift-control keys when opening Quicken, and then selecting the data file to open. Using this process does allow me to open my file and work on it, but other things do not work like validation. I can open the exact same file on a Windows 10 PC with no errors and the file checks out clean from validation and super validation on the Windows 10 PC.
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