Does Quicken for Mac support a Jackson National Life IRA account?

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Several weeks ago I tried to add a Jackson National Life IRA account to Quicken. I was able to add it and see the balance while adding the account. Once the account was in Quicken it showed no balance ($0.00) but it updated (didn't error) when I updated all my accounts. Still showing $0.00 balance. I called into support and opened a ticket, escalated twice and was sent an email asking me to try to add it again. I deleted the account and tried to re-add it. Now Quicken can not find any accounts to add at JNL. Not the right direction...
My ask is, Does Quicken for Mac support a JNL IRA account, can it be added and updated with at least a balance? If not the transactions?


  • GatorGrowl
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    I have the same issue. It should be noted that my Jackson holdings are through LPL Financial. LPL reports the account, but has no transacation data - so Quicken reports the account as having a zero balance.

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