Downloaded transactions posting in wrong account

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I am using Quicken Version R48.9 on Windows 10. Have multiple accounts with one particular institution. When performing the one step update, downloaded transactions are going to the wrong accounts. Any suggestions to help resolve this would be highly appreciated.


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    You appear to have crosslinked accounts found at the bank to incorrect account registers in Quicken. After creating a backup of your Quicken data file deactivate all of this bank's account registers.

    When done deactivating all of them, use the Add Accounts process ("+" icon in Account Sidebar title) to activate the accounts again. This time, when working with the list of accounts found at the bank, very carefully LINK each of the accounts to the correct Quicken account register. Click the Link button for each account. In the popup select the correct register. The Quicken - suggested selections may not be correct. Repeat for each of the listed accounts.

    You can set the Link / Add Account button to Do not activate (or Ignore) if you do not want to activate one or more of the listed accounts at this time.

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    Thank you for your response. Will check that out. There was one more issue, I forgot to add to my question. On some transactions which were downloaded , there is a indicator suggestion that particular transaction/s was entered manually which I did not . That is really messing up my account balance. Can you please suggest a solution for that ? Thank you
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