Windows 11 - can not open the data file

I am running Windows 11 for some time. I have three (3) separate files for my family's personal and business purposes (I have Home/Business version).

Only this morning, after working on one file, and then closed it to work on another file did I encounter a "Quicken cannot open the data file because it is in use by another application, such as a cloud storage back up. Please close that application or turn off cloud storage sync and try again."

I had no issues up to this morning and now this... I tried to look for the fix for Windows 11 to no avail... so I tinkered around and finally got in and when I completed it, I closed it and went to the first file and I got that message!!!

Please advise me as to how I can clean up this situation, once and for all...

Thank you,



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    Where is your Quicken data file located? Specify the complete drive letter and path.

    Do you use MS OneDrive to backup your data files to a Microsoft server?
    If so, configure OneDrive to NOT access your Quicken data files. Instead, configure Quicken to create backups every time you close a file or the entire Quicken program. Let OneDrive grab the backup files to make backup copies.

    On some recent systems, MS OneDrive may be active by default, without the computer user having explicitly enabled and configured it and being aware of the fact that it's running all the time.

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