Import .qif from SEE Finance: all dates 2001/01/01, all amounts 0

brec Member ✭✭
I just subscribed to Premier today, after an absence of several years. Importing same .qif to Banktivity had some issues -- which motivated me to try Quicken for Mac -- but all the dates and amounts were OK. Any ideas?

Edit: This was an initial startup import, not a File menu Import command. In the initial startup dialog, importing from another application's .qif export is the last of six options. Phone support had no ideas other than forgoing import from SEE Finance and starting from scratch by downloading from connect-able institutions. One issue with that is that, e.g., Fidelity provides only 90 days of transactions, so I lose almost all my securities' cost basis.

Quicken 6.12.4 and 6.12.5
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