quicken is logging out paid users with no warning or explanation


I've been using Quicken for nearly three decades. in that in that time I have traveled to nearly 90 countries. I have never had a problem accessing my quicken account or data files from abroad until now.

Recently, I upgraded from Quicken Deluxe to home business and rental. I immediately Experience that although the program would install and start up the first time come up after closing it and trying to reopen, it threw up an error message. I tried to contact quicken support about this, but they dismissed the problem, blaming it on windows.

Given the lack of support, I resorted to reinstalling the program every time I wanted to use it. This worked fine until I went overseas for an extended work trip and tried to do the same thing there. Unfortunately, I did not use a VPN when I reinstalled the program, and when I tried to log into my account, it kicked me back to the login screen saying my credentials were invalid.

After a cumulative total the total of about 2 1/2 hours on calls to Quicken support, I finally got someone to sort out whatever the problem was on Quicken's authentication servers. During those calls I asked repeatedly whether Quicken had a policy that locked accounts when trying to login from a foreign IP address. They basically refused to answer directly, instead simply stating that "Quicken is meant for use in the and US In Canada." However, I did post a question to Quicken on Twitter and the person who replied looked into my account and confirmed that there was an authentication issue involving a security block on my account.

This morning when I tried to open Quicken, I had the same problem again. So I switched on my VPN with a connection to the US, tried to reinstall the program, and again got the " invalid credentials” response.

Clearly, Quicken's authentication servers automatically lock a person out of an and account if they detect a foreign IP address. But there is absolutely no transparency or explanation on the error message. It doesn't explain why credentials are invalid, or how to solve the problem. Quicken simply leaves paid subscribers with a perfectly legitimate reason to access their US accounts from abroad hanging with no access to the product or their financial information.

To me, this is completely unacceptable behavior on Quicken's part. If they have changed their security policies recently, they should let users know that. If they are going to lock people out of their accounts based on a single login attempt from a foreign IP address, at the very least there should be an email notification saying that this has happened and that the account has been locked for this reason. But no, quicken simply prevents you from accessing what you've paid for, with no explanation and the only solution being ours on the phone with support staff [Removed - Disruptive].

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