The listing of future transactions in my check register disappeared, how do I get them back? (Q Mac)

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For the last 15 years, I've had scheduled transactions show up in my check register. They disappeared after the last Quicken for Mac update. I see them in the Calendars view, I see them in the Bills & Income view. They do not show up in the check register. I have changed the display for reminders to multiple values and that has no effect. I have quit and restarted. The register settings has no control on future transactions. The account settings does not have an option for printed checks. How do I get this feature back? MacOS Ventura 13.2.1, Quicken for Mac 6.12.5


  • CharlesFS
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    Some additional info. If the filter is set to 'This year' the future transactions show up, if the filter is set to 'last 12 months' the future transactions show up, if the filter is set to 'year to date' the future transactions do NOT show up. For now, I can use one of the other filters. Seems strange that year-to-date precludes future transactions while last-12-months allows future transactions.

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    I think the Year to Date filter is working properly. Since future transactions are, by definition, are beyond today's date, I would not expect them to show up in a filter that only goes up to today's date.

    When I test This Year filter, it seems to be working properly. It only excludes future transactions dated next year, but includes all that are this year.

    However, when I test Last 12 Months, I am seeing all future transactions. What I would expect would be to see only future transations in the current month (assuming current month is part of last 12 months). The same is happening with any filter that starts with "Last". All other filters seem to be working as expected.

    It seems to me that this is a bug (that "Last" filters are showing too many future transactions, not too few). If you agree, you could report this via menu Help > Report a Problem.

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