Have "Bill Reminder" (Bills & Income) amount show as zero in the months following the current month


I pay my credit cards in full every month and manually enter the amount due from the statements. In the past the amount manually entered from that month's statement would show in the "Bills & Income" "Current Bill" column (for the current month) while in the following months it would show as zero but it now shows the amount entered, for the current month, as repeating in every month thereafter.

The problem that creates is as follows…say that your average monthly expenses on a particular card are $400-500 but in the current month the total current due amount you entered, from a large purchase, was over $10K and the money to pay that bill was transferred from an investment account to the account that is used to pay that card (which normally has only $5-6K in it) and now, that the 10K+ has been paid, the card has a zero balance but that $10K+ amount that was entered for that now paid card still shows month after month in the "Bills & Income" "Current Bill" column and because of that it triggers a message, on the home screen, showing a risk of overdraft in 30+ days since the account used to pay that card no longer has that 10K in it yet the next months current due amount still shows the 10K+ entry.

Note that it was quite a while back when it would only show the amount manually entered in the current month and each month following that would show as zero and I have put up with it for quite some time but it's getting to be a real pain having to go to those credit card accounts, after they have been paid for the current month, and manually changing the amount due to zero until I get the next statement and enter the next months current amount due.



  • Bob.
    Bob. Member ✭✭✭✭

    Irks me as well, Paul.

    I find that when a next payment picks up the current payment amount, I edit this and all future instances of the reminder. It pops up with 0.00 due. I click apply or OK (cannot remember which) and it changes the futures to 0.00 and it seems to stick until something happens with an Online Billers and the cycle starts all over oagain.

    May be helpful. Though I hate I have to "trick" it to perform as it should.

  • Paul Roques
    Paul Roques Member ✭✭✭✭

    Thanks Bob,

    This used to work well at least a year ago (maybe more) and after a "Current Bill" amount was paid it actually would zero all future amounts for that account until I would manually enter the next "Current Bill" amount from the next statement.

    I don't use Online Bills only because I've read so much about that never works quite right so I guess I'll just have to keep doing what I'm doing while hoping that somehow someone decides to revert this back to what it was 🤔


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