Reconciliation Opening Balance Changes

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After reconciling, I noticed my opening balance changed to a wrong value.

This is discussed at length in the below post.

Here's what happened:

  1. I had recorded a funds (e.g. $100) transfer from Savings to Checking.
    1. The category was entered into Checking as [Savings] with brackets.

After reconciling successfully, I changed a transaction prior to that reconcilation date:

  1. I updated the Checking account's auto-assigned category:
    1. First I entered a [Savings] with an amount of -100
    2. Then I entered a new category: Deposit with an amount of +100

By using the [Savings] as a category, i indvertently canceled out the entry in Savings thus upseting a previously reconciled balance. My next opening balance was off by this $100.

What I did to fix this is instead of using [Saving] -100, i used [Checking] -100.

I guess this is normal behaviour but when something like this occurs, I think it would be nice if Quicken shows a popup warning that a reconciled transaction in a different account will change.

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