Citi Costco Cards CC-502 - solution found (maybe)

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Fingers crossed this will hold—

Like so many others, I have been unable to establish one-step update connection for my Costco branded Citi card. Whenever I try, it returns a CC-502 error.

Today, I talked with tech support at Citi's Costco support site.

Sign into account on website. Go to "More Settings" under Profile (upper right) and select "Apps With Account Access." Click to add an app.

Now, in Quicken add the card, using the Citi Cards (not Costco) selection. Add your credentials and cross your fingers.


  • TKG
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    Yes this seems to be the process but I had to use the Manage Apps option and on clicking the Add Application button it starts a 10 min count down counter to connect and download. This worked though.

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