Remove the extra step in One Step Update

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This started for me recently, but I understand has been this way for other users always. So…

When I click Update Now or any other method to initiate a OSU, I get the One Step Update Settings dialog, then must click Update Now. Unnnecessary! I can easily go to setting at the same time if I choose (Red Arrow), and very rare that I will wish to make a change to that. So removing that extra step adds speed to the process.

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  • DrPaul
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    I have the same issue. I click the one step update button and Quicken now brings up the One Step Update Settings dialog. I have to press "Update Now" button to start the downloads. It used to go straight from the button bar "Update" button to initiating the download. I'd really like to get back to skipping the Settings dialog at each download.
  • Bob.
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    Thanks. SOme think it has always been like that (it has not) and some in development have never seen it at all! So wonder why it started and wonder why not for everybody.

    I have a bug report in….