Income Statement Report: Hide All Subcategories does not work

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I created an income statement repoort using the "Income and Expense by Category" under "Spending."

I selected the "Hide All Subcategories" option for the report and it works, but only for some categories. It will function as designed except for subcategories whose source accounts change during the year.

For eaxmple; for the first half of the year I paid the mortgage from a Bank of America checking account. For the second half of the year the payments were made from a Fidelity Cash management account. Theses are two different account types in Quicken. Bank of America is a banking account and Fidelity is an investment account.

In the report the Income statement looks like this:

Financing $1,000
Mortgage interest 200
TOTAL Financing $1,200

The total amount is correct, its just that all of the paymets from Fidelity (the investment account) are called out separately as a subcategory even though the report was configured to hide subcategories. Other subcategories are hidden.

It appears the subcategories are only shown when there disbursements are made from a mix of investment and banking accounts.

This is not just a presentation issue. If I copy this report to a spreadsheet I cannot manipulate the data without first having to delete the duplicate data. In the example above, if I sum all the expenses, they will be overstated by $1,200.

I have recreated the report from scratch several times and the problem persists. I have also run the supervalidation option on the Quicken file and encountered no errors,

I am using Quicken Premier for Windows version R48.15, build The data range is 12/31/19 to 3/24/2023. The report covers the year 2021 (12/31/20-12/31/21).

Is this a bug in Quicken or is there some way it can be fixed?


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    Here is an illustration of the problem. The "show all" option functions properly but the "hide all" does not. THe Army pension (and its related tax accounts under the expense section) are still being shown as subcategories even though they should be hidden. Is anyone else experiencuing this problem?

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