"invalid credentials" - several attempts no success


I have made several attempts to sign on Quicken Windows. I finally changed my PW and it accepted the new PW. However when I try to sign on, QUICKEN program does not accept it. I have repeated this process multiple times and the same result happens. I have seen a post were the Quicken user was using a VPN with an overseas IP address. I have used a VPN going thru Europe and coming back to the USA. Still does not accept new PW when siging on. I turned the VPN OFF - totally OFF and still does not sign on with new PW.

I am able to sign-on-line (www.quicken…etc..)) with the new PW - but only after I create a "user name" (Something new ??).

As of now I can not sign onto my windows quicken for dowloading stock prices, etc..

I even truned off my VPN and still get the same message of "invalid credentials".

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