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Hi am creating a "spending by category " report and have two minor issues:

Some of my subcategories (such as "federaL tax" in taxes) is showing as a separate line item vs. as a subcategory within taxes (with the +sign)

Also some of my categories put in the actual expenses as a subcategory of other" - for example my medical category shows the expenses as a sub category of "other medical" vs. in the main line

These are minor formatting issues but I thought I would through the questions out there. Thanks"


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    If you record expenses to a parent category, e.g., Medical, and this category also has subcategories under it, e.g., Medical:Dental, Medical:Drugs, etc. then a virtual category, "Other Medical", will be used to show the individual expenses categorized as "Medical". This is so "Medical" can show a correct-looking total of all Medical expenses as a sum of all subcategories and the amounts directly recorded to the parent category.

    You shouldn't categorize transactions to a parent category when subcategories exist.
    I recommend you recategorize all transactions in "Medical" to new or existing "Medical:…" subcategories.

    Depending on the report or view, e.g., the Budgets view, it matters if you have selected to only show an individual subcategory, e.g., "Federal Tax" or if you also selected to show the parent category, "Taxes"

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    Thanks - I will look into that further and see if your suggestions fix it
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