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I have used quicken over the last 15 years and in the last few months the program has become increasing unreliable. I have transactions disappearing all the time.

Currently I have two different paychecks, in January my primary paycheck kept disappearing from my projected balances until I went in clicked edit all transactions, then it would reshow up on the projected balances.

A few days ago that paycheck completely disappeared like I had deleted a memorized transaction (I didn't delete it). I rebuilt the paycheck and now I find out that it deleted the paycheck from the last two years (reconciled transactions!) Every account that paycheck touches is off by the last two years.

My file only contains the last four years because my file corrupted four years ago and I had to rebuild the file. The last two months I have also had most of my utility bills that are memorized disappear and I have had to resetup the reminders.

I had uninstalled and reinstalled several times, nothing seems to help and I am getting very fustrated with the lack of reliablity of this progam and I am very close to losing any trust I had in the program.


  • susan.davis
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    I've been seeing this for months now and I keep complaining to Quicken about it and yet nothing ever changes. I have transactions that are there, I reconcile then before the next reconciliation they just disappear. I have to validate or super validate my file multiple times and still have missing transactions every time I open Quicken. Today it's now hanging on the "download" transactions page and does NOTHING. I've been trying since noon to get my data and it just sits there and spins. I've had to kill the task with task manager because there is no way out and reboot my pc run a super validate on the file and try again and the same thing happens. Where is Quicken support? They charge me every freaking month now but their product is UNSTABLE! It seems to get worse every month. I can't restore from back up every day and lose all the work I do daily. That's NUTS for them to suggest the only option is to restore from backups.

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    @SerenaR here is another similar sounding issue, where deletion of a paycheck reminder deleted the associated paycheck transactions:

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    wonder if you have SYNC turned on ?

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    +1 After the software product changed hands, it became very unstable, unreliable and unpredictable. Updates are releazed with zero quality control and regression testing. I see more and more bugs with every release …No way this can be used for business, even for basic tasks around rentals etc.

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