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Like many others I have received the "OL-220 Error" message when trying to download transcations from our Net Benefits account over the past couple weeks. I've read here that Fidelity and Quicken are aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

I have a follow on question; In the last couple of days I no longer receive the error message and my transactions are downloading from Net Benefits which is great but any new security is listed as an "Unidentified Security" without prompting the normal box to identify it as a new security.

I have updated the Security information at the transaction level so my portfolio Holdings show correctly but I have a mismatch in the Online Center where Fidelity still shows the new securities as an Unidentified Security. (These are all publicly traded securities)

None of these transactions appear to have CUSIP ID numbers so I have tried clearing the Symbol and updating again but that did not resolve it. Also, when I go into Edit Security Detail the "Match with online security" box is unchecked and grayed out so I haven't had the option of tweaking that.

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!!


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    As of this PM, 3/28/23, I reinitiated NET BENEFIT direct connect and it hooked up and downloaded with no OL-220 error. Would have been nice if Quicken had notified users that the problem had been soved.

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    Did you have any new positions import as "Unidentified Security"?

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