Will Windows Premier 2017 update?


2 Questions:

First, the above. Will 2017 still work automatically updating stocks in an added portfolio?

Second, will 2017 allow me to maintain 2 different stock portfolios, updating both portfolios automatically?

If I need to purchase the current shipping version of Premier to acomplish 1 & 2, not problem. The 2 questions still stand but would apply to the newer version.

Just remembered - Windows 11. Will 2017 still function with Windows 11?



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    First - when a version of Quicken expires - like Q2017 -
    You lose ALL forms of online access- downloading quotes & software updates.
    You may continue to use Quicken, but only in a totally manual mode for any entry of transactions.

    If you chose to purchase the ongoing Quicken subscription, you regain all online access for downloading & updates.
    You will automatically (or manually if you prefer) be allowed to download the current version of Quicken.
    Your old Q2017 will be replaced, as it is no longer functional with the current online access.

    HOWEVER - if your subscription expires, the current version of Quicken will have a "renewal banner" plastered over a large portion of your screen… it can't be removed - unless you re-subscribe to Quicken.

    Next - you can have as many Quicken Accounts for your personal accounts -
    or have different physical files (like different MS Word docs) for different family members or …. ?
    So, not sure what you mean….
    … will Quicken allow me to maintain 2 different stock portfolios, updating both portfolios automatically?

    Lastly - depending upon your Investment needs, and why you chose Premiere -
    I have Quicken Deluxe, and it gives me all I need for tracking all my stock and mutual fund portfolios…

  • MarkAGreenberg

    I appreciate the thorough response. More backstory that might or might not help for the *best appropriate answer.

    We (my wife) have used Q2003 since 2003 for all our investing purposes and *still do (don't ask- long story- besides she just tracks what the managed portfolio is doing- no active buy/sell). We do not use Q for its check register, checks or banking other than updating our banking via statements so we end up with one financial, total $. We largely use Schwab bill pay. We've had 1 CFA (NAIC POV) not long after joining an investment club ourselves. Unfortunately, our original CFA retired 12/2022. We started with another CFA 1/2023. My intention, at least for this first year, is to run, myself, 2 dummy portfolios. 1 will reflect the securities 12/2022 and the other 1/2023. The only way I can easily monitor the two tracking porfolios is by using Quicken and its automatic, portfolio updating feature. Hence, my question about the current Q doing so. The only reason I was intending to buy Premiere v Deluxe was for the increased investing features. Although given my intended use of targeted and simple, I wasn't interested in surprises— like finding out some small, nonspecific feature wasn't included in Deluxe but was needed for Q to do as I've just explained and resided in Premiere.

    I hope this answers your questions. If you have any more- fire away.

    BTW, ever since I started poking around the Quicken website I've been bombarded with Q 50% off teaser coupons. Given my experience with any of that sort there's always a hook. Usually you're signing up for multiple years with the price reverting after 6 months or a year. Or, you cannot get out of the term. Given that, I'm inclinded to pay the website going rate for a one off which I suspect would be the online rental of Q. Again, please correct me where I've missed the point.



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