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Entering retirement and set up my '23 budget - no problems. I've tweaked and tweaked and have it where I want. Now I want to enter a '24 budget using 80% of the '23. The '24 will have many changes mainly around income, i.e., money flowing in from annuities and SSI, again, no problem. Where I'm stumbling is in creating the '24 budget (I copied the '23 and renamed it). I then go into that budget and it shows January, February and March actuals from this year. I thought it a glitch and deleted the one I named '24 and they both were gone. I rebuilt the '23 (good practice in case I ever get the real thing). I don't want to go down the same mistaken road again. Where am I going wrong?


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    Copying the budget with your '23 numbers and calling it "Budget 24" does not automatically advance it to next year. What you see in the '24 table still contains '23 data. Look at the top of the view where the year is indicated

    Matter of fact, unless you really do want to work with a separate budget table, you don't have to. You can advance the current '23 budget table to next year and start working with it.

    Budget tables in Quicken can be extended into next year by just simply clicking the ">" button in the Annual View

    Do be sure to have (or create) a backup of your Quicken data file before you start working on budgets. Create additional backups as you work along.

    If you sync your Quicken data file for use with the Quicken Mobile app or Quicken on the Web … don't sync while you're working on the budgets. Sync before you begin to get any pending updated off the Web or mobile device, then stop syncing.
    Once you're done building your budget, Reset Sync to create a new Sync file and load it into the Web or mobile device.

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    I'm confused. I get the action you've taken. But how does it become my '24 budget and NOT reflect expenditures from this year? As I said, my budget will change dramatically next year in many expenses and mostly in income. If I do as you say, I'll be deleting categories from this year. I have '23 nailed down. I just want to start "painting" a picture for next year and hopefully many years to follow now spending rather that saving...
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