Move transactions between accounts after all shares sold

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I am attmpting to move transactions for one stock beween accounts in Quicken Premiere R48.15 build 271.48.15. I recently sold all shares but want to move transactions so the proceeds of the sales appear in the correct brokerage account.

Unfortunately Quicken tells me that there aren't enough shares to move. I assume this is because the current share balance is zero. I tried changing the date of the move to the very first transaction involving the stock, but this also failed.

Any suggestions about doing the move?
Plan B is to just transfer the cash between the accounts. :)

I went with Plan B, which got me where I wanted to go...
Please ignore this post. 8-D


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    Thanks for letting us know you figured out an alternative. What was your plan B?

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  • mycardtwo
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    I moved the cash from the proceeds from one account to the other.
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