Deleting Transactions

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I recently got caught in your Twilight zone. I recently imported a QFX file but I realized I had selected the wrong date range. So, I deleted the entries in the 'accept these transactions' pane without accepting them. I fixed my date range and re-created the QFX file. When I imported it, the transaction I had deleted did not show up in the 'accept these transactions' pane but was present in the QFX file. The reason given for this was that because I had deleted the transaction previously, Quicken would not allow me to import it again. Nor would it even show me the deleted transaction. The only option I had to was to manually enter the transaction.

I suggest you make one of the two following suggestions (perhaps even both):
1-When I delete a transaction I want an option for Quicken to REALLY delete it, like it never happened.
2-The list of imported transactions should contain a status 'deleted/duplicate' if the QFX file contains what appears to be a duplicate of a transaction (deleted or currently in the database) with the option to replace the entry in the Quicken database (a box to check on each transaction).

I hope I have explained this clear enough. If you like, feel free to email me and I would be happy to discuss it further over the phone.

Thank you.

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