Reconciliation beginning balance incorrect, 2nd straight month

tjrob2000 Member ✭✭
When I reconciled my personal account last month (period ending 2/28/23) there was a discrepancy in the beginning balance. It was the same amount as what my register was showing for the opening balance except the opening balance was showing as a debit. I was unable to correct this or find another reason for it (opening balance was in 2015) so I let Quicken make the adjustment and reconciled the register. Now it is off again and I cannot find any debits or deposits that make up for this difference.

This happened once before, years ago, and I can't recall what I had to do at that time. I figured if I just let Quicken make the adjustment then everything would be good from then on, but that is not the case. I don't just want to make another adjustment if something else is going on that needs correcting. Any help would be appreciated.
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