Is there a way to turn off the "Is this the scheduled transaction" message?


My apologies if this has been asked and answered, but I couldn't find it by searching. is there an option to turn off the "Is this the scheduled transaction for…" message that often pops up? In all the years I've been using Quicken, it has never been accurate, just an annoyance. Today particularly so: I had created a scheduled transaction and forgot to set it to automatically enter. So, when I went to enter it manually from the schduled transaction list, Quicken kept asking me "is the the scheduled tranaction for…" for a seemingly endless series of transactions, none of which were the right one. No matter how many times I hit "no," it would bring up another. I finally had to delete the scheduled transaction and create a new one.

So, how do I turn this "feature" off? Thanks.

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    There is no way to turn it off, unfortunately.

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