Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) connection problems

I disconnected my two credit card accounts because they wouldn't download or update). When I try to set up transaction download again and connect to NFCU, I get an error message from Quicken asking if I mistyped the username or password. I double checked to make sure I had not typed in an error, and even changed the username and password (twice) but still I get the same message.

Contacted Quicken support on April1 and after an hour of their troubleshooting it still didn't work. They told me it was submitted to a higher level team for continued work.

My question now to the group is: Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I hav already submitted this to NFCU so let's see if they have anything to contribute.


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    I've been at NFCU for 36 years. NFCU used to explicily recommend Quicken, and only Quicken, for personal financial management software. They now recommend the use of their mobile apps and web browser login. I start a new Quicken file every year on January 1, and I have not made it through a full year without file corruption in at least five years. This year, I made it all the way to March, when I attempted to add a 12-month CD to Quicken, before it failed. Creating a new Quicken file from scratch fixes the CD problem, so the problem isn't coming from NFCU.

    Since the end of February, the sync process with NFCU fails after several minutes of waiting, followed by an error screen. If I immediately initiate another sync, the process completes without an additional MFA verification. Again, creating a new Quicken account from scratch fixes the problem. MFA is the last thing I want to see failing, [Removed - Rant].

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    [Removed - No Soliciting] I've also been with them for many years but have had many problems in the last few.

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