Citi transactions not downloading


This is very frustrating. I have 4 Citi accounts including Citi Costco credit card and none of them is downloading any transactions. One step update seems to log on fine and complete the update but no transactions are downloaded. I have tried the fix by deactivating online services, closing Quicken reactivating and reassociating the accounts but no luck. I am paying more than $100/year for this subscription and this is very annoying to the say the least.


  • easygoer
    easygoer Member

    Seems like I needed to log in to the website before the transactions would download. Working OK now.

  • mikeweberatl
    mikeweberatl Member ✭✭✭

    Same problem. l logged into the website and apparently they decided I needed to reset my password. After going through that process and updating the password in Quicken, everything is downloading again.

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