Memorized Payee List Doesn't Show Up

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I am using Windows 11 and I have been a Quicken user for 20+ years. I get an empty list when I go to TOOLS-Memorized Payee List. I have tried several things after reading about this issue on this site including working with a tech at Quicken for over an hour.
1) I went back two years to old quicken backups
2) I used the Validate and Repair Tool
3) I went to EDIT-PREFERENCES-Data Entry and QuickFill and checked 'Remove memorized payees not used in last 12 Months.
4) I went to Mobile & Web and synced and turned off. I don't use this feature at all, but I had sync turned on.
5) I have rebooted and also reloaded Quicken

It is obvious that the file is being used by Quicken and that I can add information using 'ctrl-m'. Also, sometimes when I go to the Memorized Payee window I see for a fraction of a second entrees. Finally, while I was put on hold by the Quicken tech I went out to Mobile & Web and turned it off. Next, I went to view my Memorized Payee List and magically it was there! When the technician returned we both assumed it was not fixed, however, when I opened Quicken again I couldn't see the list.

This is where I am currently, i.e. I can't see the list at all.

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Willem deGroot


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