Reconcile fails/wrong amounts - due to Quicken Opening Balance bug/error

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Well - I just spent a couple of hours searching for a non-existing error in my Reconcile of my Chase checking account.

Did the Reconcile to the Chase online balance, and it was off by $6,800 !!!
Ok - I must have messed up somewhere - so did a Restore back to Dec 2022…
Did a reconcile to that time period, and things looked good…. so must be since then.
Printed Chase activity since Dec 2022 - and matched to current Quicken Register…
They all match…. but that's impossible - ??
So… started looking at the Balance column of the Chase online vs Quicken Register …. and it was still wrong going back to Nov, Oct - WTH ???

Then took a look at the Quicken Opening Balance - and YUP - it was wrong -
I had saved the Orig Opening Balance in the Memo field - and it was off by $6,800….

I updated Quicken on 2/24/23 to R47.15 - (still running R47.15 - no R48.xx for me)
and R47.15 must still have the random changing of the Opening Balance bug ….

SO - if you haven't already - go thru every Quicken Account, and copy the Opening Balance into the Memo field of that 1st entry…. for safe keeping -

QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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