EWC+ Doesn't Work

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Every single account that I have has been migrated to EWC+. Immediately, transactions no longer download. This happens with all of my accounts at major financial institutions. One Step Update appears to download transactions for all accounts and reports success, but when I begin to go through each account it is clear that no transactions have been downloaded.
The only way to get my transactions is to reset each account in the Online Services tab. This repeats the registration process for EWC+ by taking me to each bank/brokerage/credit website and authorizing my accounts for data sharing.
This weekend I did this on Saturday for all of my accounts....and had to repeat this again on Sunday!
It has gotten so bad that for the accounts where I can do so, I've just deactivated EWC+ and have gone back to downloading directly from the web site. I've seen nothing from Quicken acknowledging this problem despite multiple reports since last year. What is going on?! I've used Quicken since the 90's and I've never seen anything this bad. This is the first time I've begun to seriously contemplate no longer using the product. Why not just acknowledge the problem and communicate what you are going to do to fix it?
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