Quicken Mac 7.0.0 Dashboard card STILL wrong

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edited May 2023 in Reports (Mac)

The latest Quicken Mac 7.0.0 update "supposedly" fixes the Income/Expense card in the Dashboard by eliminating transfers to be included.

Fine…but it still misrepresents income and expenses. Why? Because it includes reinvested dividends in the income area. And some of those reinvested dividends are from retirement accounts. This overstates my income.

The expense side also includes some quarterly investment fees I incur (non-deductible) from tax deferred retirement accounts…but these have no basis for my actual monthly expenses as they are shares that are sold to pay for those fees. So my expenses are also overstated.

Why doesn't the Quicken Mac team take a page from the Quicken Windows team's Dashboard and set up a dropdown so I can select the accounts I want to include in this one card?

Or better yet, ONLY include Cash flow type accounts in Quicken Mac, which would only be the Cash and Credit Card groups.

So…it's one step forward for the card, which I appreciate. But it's still not there yet.

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