Vanguard transaction downloads erroneous

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This may have been discussed before. Several years ago some of my Vanguard Admiral Mutual Funds were converted to ETFs. Quicken obviously doesn't properly read the account information regarding holdings or activity. It reports some ETF dividends as Admiral Fund dividends. It also reports some Stock ETF dividends as Bond ETF dividends. It is quite time consuming to correct these errors every month. Suggestions? If this can't be fixed is there a good software alternative?


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    I suggest you have real world securities mismatched with your Quicken securities. For each Quicken security that is either getting picked incorrectly or not getting picked when it should be, edit the security detail and uncheck the box about Matched with online security. Also make sure the security name is sufficiently unique in the first 16 or so characters. At you next download from Vanguard, you should get the opportunity to correctly match the security Vanguard is sending to the right one in your Quicken file.

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    Thanks. I will try that.
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