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can I manually reconile a quicken accouunt/file that has never been reconciled since it was open in 1998 Iusually do all my entries manually


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    Since you've categorized this question to "Using Quicken on the Web" … I don't know if you can do this using the Quicken on the Web application. I don't think so, because you only have a partial data file available for use with the Web app (or the smartphone app).

    In Quicken for Windows or Quicken for Mac you can reconcile your account register back to the very first transaction available in your desktop/laptop - based Quicken data file.
    Does the Quicken register's Running Balance as of the end of the last monthly statement sent by the bank match your bank statement Ending Date's Balance? If so, you can start a Reconcile process, enter the Ending Balance and select all transactions. This should result in a $0.00 balance difference and mark all transactions as reconciled.
    From now on you can reconcile using each future monthly statement's Ending Balance to the Running Balance in your register.

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